Wednesday, October 29, 2014



To start off, Happy National Cat Day! (it had to be said) I hope all of you are enjoying this lovely, chilly day. I am! It is a bit colder than it has been where I live, but I am wearing my Halloween socks so really it all evens out, doesn't it? Today I have decided to chat with you all about something with actual substance! I really enjoy blogging about topics that millions of people have millions of different opinions on, (controversy!) so lets talk about internet hate.

I am very fortunate in that I haven't had to encounter "haters" on social media yet, but I'm sure I will at some point because they are everywhere. I do, however, follow the usual amount of celebrities on Twitter and Instagram and see the flood of anonymous hate they receive on a daily basis. (Fully expect Taylor Swift references, because she knows a thing or two about what it's like to have haters.)

I don't really know what the point of it is, in all honesty. What does one get from sitting behind a computer and saying horrible things to someone? "I don't like [insert celebrity name here] so I am going to tell them they are ugly....OH I GOT THEM SO GOOOOOD!" I imagine that this is what anons who send hate are thinking, but I'm not really sure what the satisfaction in any of that is.

The real issue, aside from the fact that some people don't have anything better to do than to act horrible to people they've never met, is that internet hate really affects the self- esteem and mental health of many people in a very negative way. Many times when people start sending hate, they start receiving hate as well, and in turn feel bad about themselves. It is so easy for everything to spiral out of control, and then everyone is just feeling inadequate. When we are kids, we are taught how to be kind to people. (Though I am well aware that not everyone takes that knowledge to heart.) Its unfortunate that face to face kindness doesn't apply when we get in front of a screen, but it should. If you are receiving hate from people on the internet, do not fret. Some people get lost along the way, and we can only help them get back on the kindness path by ignoring their attempts at feeling powerful. You are imperfectly perfect, and that person has no idea of the beautiful thoughts that are being manifested inside of your mind, so don't let them feel as if they do! You may not be in control of what people say, but you are in control of how you respond. Hold your head up high, smile, love yourself, and turn your face from those who don't understand you. They don't need to.

But, if your heart is hurting from anonymous hate you are receiving, it is definitely okay to talk to someone. It's not always so easy loving ourselves, but it is a beautiful epiphany when we realize it is possible. If you'd like to talk to someone online about how you are feeling, take a visit to Or if you'd just like to feel calmer, head on over to The Quiet Place.

And just remember, always be kind and care about others.

Kitties, Shaking It Off, and Kindess,


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Scariest of Things! || On Facebook Today


Lets jump right on in, shall we? So today, while scrolling through the facebookwebs, I saw a status update from a friend of mine pretty much explaining how she was so afraid of so many different things, and that she found it crazy that a teensy tiny spider can make her scream in terror. With Halloween coming up in a few days (squeeee!!!) I thought this could make a cool post! So, first I'm going to enlighten you with my fears.....*cue organ and lightening flash*

1. Confrontation! This may seem like a strange fear, but I am an awkward being.

2. Spiders. Yes, I am like every other person who is afraid of spiders. If they are tiny and in my garage, fine. If it is a CLOSEUP PHOTO OF A SPIDER AND I CAN SEE ALL THE LITTLE HAIRS, then no. I'm out. (I actually had a friend tape a picture of this next to my bed during a sleepover once.....NOT COOL, YO.)

3. Ceiling fans. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. One almost fell on me when I was a kid and now, just nope. *nopes my way away from the rattling death machine*

4. Snakes. Enough said.

There are a lot more, like a zombie apocalypse and the photo below, but those are probably for another time.
In all honesty, though, when it isn't a life or death situation, I love the feeling of being scared! I love scary movies and haunted houses and all of those fun things that come along with fall and Halloween time. <3 Speaking of scary movies, I definitely need some new recommendations.

Do you like horror films? Find an awesome scary movie master list here! (courtesy of and

So, now that you know some of my fears, I want to know yours! Are you scared easily? Do you thrive when you are scared? What are your favorite scary movies? Let me know! 

Yay for it almost being Halloween!!!

Spiders and the Sash-Ringing, the Trash-Singing, Mash-Flinging, the Flash-Stringing, Ringing, the Cr-Crash-Dinging....
Yeah. You get the point, 


Monday, October 27, 2014

#WhatMakesMeHappy || On Twitter Today


So earlier I was scrolling through the twitterwebs and I stumbled upon the #WhatMakesMeHappy tag and it looked interesting so I thought I'd give it a go!


1. YouTubers! Ayo! I am constantly on YouTube watching all of my faves! Here are some of the best, check 'em out!
 (& her other channel MoreZoella!)
Zoe is just lovely, and I am addicted to her fashion & beauty vids. Her blog is also fab, check it out here!

(& her other channel Sprinkle of Chatter!)
Louise is so hilarious, and her daughter Darcy is just too cute. I am obsessed with her beauty & haul videos, and pretty much everything she posts about her life is really fun and interesting! (aaaaand her and Zoe are best friends so watching their friendship totally makes you feel the love. Here's her blog too!)

Marie is an amazing mom, and her videos are always adorable. (and hilarious!) Here is her blog, its awesome if you like DIY, cooking, and family! <3

There are tons more that I love: Bethany Mota, Joey Graceffa, charlieissocoollikedailygrace and so many more.....go watch a vid or two! (or three, or four, or five....hours worth because trust me you wont be able to stop!)

2. My lovely, Ed Sheeran! I thought I should get a bit of fangirling over with early in the blogging game. Those who know me, definitely know my love for this beautiful redheaded angelvoice. (..yes. That is his identifier.) His most recent album, X, (pronounced "multiply") is flawless. It is the perfect mix of pop, rap, and raw emotion, which isn't so common for some music these days. The lyrics are poetry on their own, and even more breathtaking with his guitar and harmony. So, yeah. *full on swoon* Buy the album here

3. All movies! Always! Whether its a chick flick or a jaw-dropping thriller, I LOVE 'EM. Some of my absolute favorites are: The Dark Knight trilogy, all of the Harry Potter movies (obviously), Romeo and Juliet (all versions except the 1996 version...though Leo makes a lovely Romeo <3), and The Fault In Our Stars. Because I am a sappy female who enjoys Ansel Elgort. 

I am a happy girl! :)

Hilarious YouTubers, redheads, and John Green,

- Brooklynn.

Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary.


After a recent excursion into the Tumblr world in hopes of finding...well, myself, I realized that I love blogging! It is a lovely outlet, and I really enjoy sharing my thoughts. So, here I am. I'm sure that down the line I will tell a bit more about myself, but to start off:

1. I love all things creative. Because of this, I will always be raving about music, movies, TV shows, pop culture, makeup, fashion, books, art, DIY, blogs/bloggers, youtubers and ANYTHING else I can lay my eyes/hands on that sucks me in.

2. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life. Well, actually it isn't that I don't have any idea, the issue is that I have too many ideas! I am nineteen, and am fully aware that there is no way I am sticking to one career path for my entire life. So for now, I am studying American Sign Language and Special Education, because I do know I love working with amazing people. Let's explore everything else, together!

3. My family and friends are so important to me, so before you know it, you'll know them like they're your own. I have a rather large family (18 cousins...are you ready for this? I hope so.) and there are a lot of crazy moments and memories that are definitely worth sharing. And as for friends, I have a select few that know me better than anyone, and I know you'll love 'em.

4. I love meeting new people, so reach out! I love people, so if you have something to say, say it! I wanna hear what you think about what I think. (But kindness is always preferred.<3)

I'm planning on posting multiple times a week (daily?), so just let me know if I'm ranting or reviewing a bit too much for your liking. I'm working on a cool layout, so for now we have some pretty autumn leaves. Fitting, no? Also, expect to see my face sometime soon, because if we can't selfie, what can we do?

Creativity, friendship, and autumn leaves,

- Brooklynn.