Monday, November 10, 2014

Quote of the Day || 12 Day Blogger Challenge


Sorry I've been MIA for two days! I'm gonna be honest with you guys about why I wasn't blogging or on my personal Twitter much....5 Seconds of Summer was nominated for a few EMA awards and I was voting like craaazyyyy! I am a bit of a fangirl, so it was very important to me that they won the Artist On The Rise award, and we did it! (They won with 105 million votes! Hell yeah, 5SOS fam!) So that's that, now on to todays topic of the 12 Day Blogger Challenge: Quote of the Day. 

I chose this quote for a number of reasons, but the main one is that I used to (and still sometimes do) care a lot about what people think of me. It was so bad, that I would try to completely change who I was because I would get so nervous that people wouldn't like me. But now, I am soooo much better in regard to that, and I am showing who I really am. More and more each day. :)

I really like everything that Mindy Kaling stands for, she is such an advocate for loving yourself and being who you are, its fantastic. This quote reminds me to show people who I am, because if I just go along with what everyone else is doing, after I while I won't even know who I am.What are some of your favorite quotes?  

Fangirling and loving yourself, 

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why Do You Blog? || 12 Day Blogger Challenge

So, while perusing Bloglovin' and looking for things to inspire me, I stumbled upon this challenge on The Color Palette, so I thought I would give it a go!

Day 1: Why do you blog? (Plus five random facts)

When I talk to others about my blog, it is very obvious that I am passionate about it. I get such a rush from sharing my voice with people. You may think, "What? But you only have 20 followers...." and that is true, but I am sharing my words with 20 people who are taking the time to read them. I love this. I dont care if it is cheesy, it feels good that people are interested in what I have to say. I also blog because I love beauty and fashion, but it is difficult to talk to many people about it without sounding superficial. Its cool to connect with people who understand that beauty and fashion are ways to express ourselves, not just paint that we use to make us look better. Blogging is also an awesome way to organize my thoughts, because I can get a bit scatterbrained at times.... hehehe. 

Five random facts! Since I feel like you already know a lot about me, I'm going to do 5 random fashion/beauty facts!

1. Nail polish and I have a love, hate relationship. I adore wearing it, and I think colors look beautiful in the bottles, but I rarely wear colors other than black or gray. I have super short nails, so I never feel like any colors look good on them. But I am working on my nail confidence! (......nail confidence? Apparently that is a thing...)

2.  I love putting on makeup. I find it super relaxing! If I take 45 minutes to put makeup on, it's most likely really because I needed 40 minutes to de-stress. 

3. I have 6 bracelets that I always wear. They are all from my times at Camp Tatiyee, and they remind me that happiness is a choice! 

4. I dont take alot of risks when it comes to fashion, but I am working on changing that! <3 center="" nbsp="">

5. I don't have a set style. Some days I am girly, other days edgy, other days bohemian. It is always changing!

I encourage you to do this challenge, and comment links to your posts! I wanna read about why you love blogging! 

Beauty facts and nail confidence...

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Style Icons for Different Body Types


Last month, I found myself reading a ton of "Style Icon" posts from different blogs and magazines about who to watch for, and they are always really great and well-written. Each icon has a different sense of style that many different readers can relate to, but I never find myself taking them seriously. Why would I take fashion advice from Angelina Jolie when I look a little more like Amber Riley? So today I thought I'd share with you some awesome fashion inspiration for different body types! I know that there is no way to cover every single body type, but hopefully this post will allow women with many different beautiful bodies to get inspired! Let's go! 

1. "Apple"

These three beautiful ladies are all classified as an "apple shape," meaning they carry their weight in their upper body (and have awesome legs!) As a rule of thumb, if you are looking to visually balance the body, wearing looser fabrics on top (while still following body lines) and breaking up the upper and lower body are great ways to go! The style icons I picked for this month are America Ferrera, Jennifer Hudson, and Jessica Biel. Watch out for them!

2. "Full-Figured Hourglass"

These three curvy women are my personal style inspiration for this month. The first two, Hayley Hasslehoff and Nadia Aboulhosn have both taken the plus size modeling world by storm, and I am inspired by them because they don't adhere to the traditional "plus size" rules. (Highlight the waist, don't wear loud patterns, blah blah blah) And they look great! The lovely lady in the yellow skirt is Louis Pentland (you might know her from her own super famous blog, Sprinkle of Glitter) and she is just adorable and her clothing is always on point! Yay for risktakers!

3. "Pear"

All of these women have completely different body types, but they are all still classified as "pear" shaped, meaning they've got hips and they know how to use them! (haha, you go girls!) As you can see from the photos, all of the girls have highlighted the natural waist, breaking up the body in all the right ways. A- line skirts and flared bottoms are also very flattering, so never be afraid to try those out, even if they seem too "retro" for your normal taste. These three stunners are Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lauren Haber (check out her blog here!), and Leighton Meester! So beautiful!

4. "Petite"

These beauties are all "petite." Let's set something straight first, being petite is not the same as being "too skinny" or "anorexic." These ladies just have small frames, but they are completely healthy and beautiful! (And even if someone is battling an eating disorder, telling them that they look "anorexic" is not nice or appropriate!) If you are having trouble finding clothing that fits you, pay close attention to the brands these three style icons throw out! This month they're Sarah Hyland, Rachel Bilson, and Zoe Sugg! (For fashion inspiration see her blog, here!)

5. "Rectangle"

There are lots of easy tips and tricks to break up the body if you have a long torso, or a "rectangle" body shape. Wearing high or low waisted pants or skirts can create curves, and layers can create the illusion of a shorter torso. Keira Knightley, Hilary Duff, and Natalie Portman are this months' picks, and these stunning actresses know how to dress!

Something to keep in mind no matter what your body type is: although there are tips and tricks to accentuate the best parts of every body, never be afraid to wear what you think rocks! The only true secret to owning your style is CONFIDENCE! 

Did you like this post? Let me know in the comments!

Beautiful ladies and fashion...

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November Goals!

So while it's still early in the days of this November, I thought I would share my monthly goals with you! Let's gooooo!
1. Drink more water. This may seem like a random one, but I feel like my body is just in a constant state of thirst, so I'm thinking I should change that. 
2. More, more, more makeup! As in, owning more, not wearing more. I used to collect, but I threw most of it away last year in an attempt to de-clutter my life. (....why did I do that? haha) So this month, I want to start making a list of the new products I would like to try! If you have any products that you swear by, leave them in the comments!
3. Start making lookbooks. I have always been wary of putting up lookbooks on my blog because I am curvy and I wear plus sized clothing, but I love fashion so I am going to be bold and start doing it! #Confidence.
4. Save money. I am really bad at saving money, so this is a huge goal for me this month, especially since the Christmas season is approaching! 
5. Organize my thoughts. Blogging always helps, (hence this list) but this month I'd really like to write things down when I need to remember them and get them done as soon as possible. Because I am a master procrastinator.
6. Not worry as much, just live! I am definitely a worrier, but this month I want to just live my life in the moment and not create fake scenarios in my head about how awkward I am! (that last part probably wont change....)
7. Blog! This is a goal for every month! I want to expand and connect with as many people as I can! I live in the Chicago area, so I'm sure there are plenty of bloggers near me, and I want to go to a meetup or something and really have the chance to connect with people.
So, there you have it! I will create a post at the end of the month updating you on whether or not I am an organized, non-awkward, makeup owning, water drinking, lookbook blogging, money saving, connection machine of happiness. :)
Lookbooks and carefree living...

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Lip-Saving Balms for Winter!

To follow up with yesterdays post about Winter Skincare Solutions, I thought today I'd share with you all my favorite lip balms for the winter. I'm sure everyone has had those days when your lips are just sooooo chapped and you feel like there is nothing you can do about it...I definitely have. But luckily, there are a lot of great lip products out there to prevent dry lips. Here are the products that keep my lips soft and silky against the blistering cold!

I absolutely adore these lip balms! They are 95% organic, 100% natural, and they are packed with vitamin E, shae butter and jojoba oil. Because of the all natural, hydrating ingredients, they leave your lips feeling soft and smooth instead of greasy. I picked up the one above (Pomegranate Raspberry) today, and it is lovely! I also prefer the Honeysuckle Honeydew. They are just so adorable and they smell delicious! If you haven't jumped on the eos train, now would be the time.

I have also found success with the NIVEA Lip Balms, specifically A Kiss of Moisture (the blue one above). They come in many different formulas, but this is the only one I have tried, and it works really well! (Plus they are super inexpensive...steal!) Have any of you tried any of the others? What did you think?

Before I discovered eos, this was my go-to balm always! I still love it, and will use it from time to time and it still works wonderfully. It smells so yummy, and I really enjoy that it doesn't interfere if you wear lip color over it. So great!

I am not usually a fan of lip balms in tins, but I really like this one. It contains rose extract, which helps ease irritation of the skin. And the best part is that it can be used on lips, face, cuticles, elbows, knees, chapped or very dry skin patches, so it is an awesome little balm to keep in your purse for emergencies! And it smells so pretty!

I am a bit of a lip balm hoarder, I believe I have three different ones in my bag right now! They're such a staple! What are some of your favorites?

eos, coconut cream and rose...

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Winter Skincare Solutions!


If you live somewhere cold like I do, its probably becoming a bit chilly in your neck of the woods. And although cold weather means a lot of lovely things, (layers, boots, hats, hot cocoa...squeee!) it also means that we may have to alter our usual beauty routines to fit the dryness that comes with the change in weather.

My facial routine usually consists of washing my face and putting on a spot of moisturizer every morning and night, along with a face mask twice a week. (I will comprise my favorite mask recipes into another post for you guys soon!) This routine keeps my face looking and feeling clean, and so far, that's been good enough for me. But, as it gets colder, I know I'll find myself feeling irritated sooner or later about flaky skin. Here are my tips to keep your skin nice and soft this winter!

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 

This seems like a no brainer, but it really is important to moisturize often and use the product that is going to benefit you the most. For winter months, oil based moisturizers are the best, because the oil will create layers around your skin that will lock in moisture. Not only should you pick a moisturizer with an oil base, make sure it is a base that will not clog your pores, as that can prevent moisture from reaching deep into the skin. I would recommend the Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 or the Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage Daily Moisturizer Lotion with SPF 28. I have had success with both of these moisturizers, and they are both less than $20 at the drugstore! But, for the best results, find the products that work well with your skin type. 

Use sunscreen!

But what? It's winter, why do I need sunscreen? Yes, it is winter, and the glare from that bright, white snow can be very damaging to your skin. You need to protect it! Both of the moisturizers I recommended above already contain SPF, but you should still apply sunscreen to your face and exposed skin before going outside.

Ease up on the masks and peels...

Yes, I know its tragic. I love face masks as much as the next person, and I use them often, but we all really should ease up during the cold months. Peels (and some masks) can strip oils from your skin, something that is not ideal when trying to retain moisture. If you'd like to use masks, make sure they are dedicated to hydration. I recommend the Goji Berry Facial Hydration Mask from Freeman Beauty. It smells delicious and is only $4!

Watch the temp of those bubble baths!

Baths are always super refreshing, but maybe soaking in steaming hot water isn't the best idea for winter. The hot water actually breaks down layers of skin, drying it out. Quicker showers in warm water are a much better plan for silky, smooth skin. 

Exfoliate, my friends!

Along with your quick, warm showers, make sure you are exfoliating! Leaving layers of dead skin can clog your pores and make it impossible for your moisturizers and cleansers to do their jobs. For your face, I'd recommend the St. Ives Moisturizing Olive Scrub. It is very creamy and exfoliating, and feels so lovely. For your body, I've found that the J.R. Watkins Sugar and Shea Body Scrub in Lemon Cream is my favorite! This scrub is oil-based and filled with little sugar crystals that feel amazing! (Plus, it is great for the environment and smells so yummy!)

So that's it, lovelies! Take care of your skin this winter! If you have any great products that you are totally digging for winter, leave them in the comments!

Soft skin and body scrubs...

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

My October Favorites


October is over, so you know what that means! Oh, you don't? Well, it's your lucky day!

Today I am going to be sharing *drumroll* favorites for October!!! "My Monthly Favorites" is something that I used to do on my old blog that I absolutely loved. It was just a fun way for me to get everything together that I liked throughout the month, and share it with you all! I really like doing this because it forces me to appreciate the little things that make me happy, which can be difficult at times. So, lets get started!

#1.The Lorac Long Lasting Eyeshadow Colors in the shade "Smokin'." This is a matte shadow, and I have been using it so much recently! I use it in the crease of my eyelid when I want a little something extra, and it blends beautifully. I had never tried anything by Lorac before, but it all gets astounding reviews, and it definitely lived up to them!

#2. Another eyeshadow, the Ulta eyeshadow in the shade "Gunmetal." I tried this product because in the past I have used the Urban Decay shadow (also in "Gunmetal") but it can get a bit pricey, so I was looking for an inexpensive alternative. I was pleasantly surprised by this product! It went on smoothly and made my hazel eyes pop very nicely. If you'd like to see what it looks like when applied, check it out here!

#3. The Laura Geller Beauty Ingenuity Baked Blush in the shade "Malibu." I am a blush hoarder, so it doesn't take much for a blush to catch my eye, but this one was a no-brainer. I saw a Laura Geller product featured in a Sprinkle of Glitter beauty video, and after a bit of searching, found this blush. It was very pigmented, with just the slightest bit of shimmer. Love, love, love!

#4. This is not a beauty favorite, but I have definitely been loving the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Mason Jar Candle from Bath and Body Works. Every year there is always one scent from the Fall Collection that I am obsessed with, and this year, this was it. The scent is so yummy, and look at the adorable packaging!

#5. Joe's Pumpkin O's! Someone actually gave me a box of these a few weeks ago, and I was excited to try them, but also a little apprehensive. I definitely love pumpkin everything, just like the rest of the world, but the idea seemed a bit odd to me. Then, the same person gave me another box, before I even opened the first! I was like, "why'd you do that? What if I hate them?!" ...and then I tried them. And now I am sad I only have 2 boxes. So delish! (Get them at your local Trader Joe's in the cereal aisle!)

That is it for my beauty and lifestyle favorites, so here are some of my music, movie, and book faves!

#6. Music! Here were some of the songs I was obsessed with in October:
- Clean Bandit: Rather Be ft. Jess Glynne
- Kiesza: Hideaway
- Ellie Goulding: Hanging On
- Broods: Bridges
- Rudimental: Feel The Love ft. John Newman

#7. Movies!
- The Giver. I saw this movie when in theatres, and it was fantastic! I read the book when I was in middle school, and the movie definitely inspired me to want to read it again.
- Romeo & Juliet (2013). Romeo & Juliet is definitely one of my favorite stories, so I love almost every version, but I watched this one a ton this month.
- The Fault In Our Stars. Obviously.

#8. This months book recommendation is...... Taken By Storm by Angela Morrison. This book was an awesome read, I recommend it to anyone who likes a well-written teen love story. The story follows a diver who is trying to piece his life back together after his parents die, and the sweet girl that helps him do it. My favorite part about reading this novel was that some chapters are in his point of view and other, hers.  It was truly lovely. Read the full synopsis and buy the book here!

So, there they are! My favorites for October!

A million blushes and love stories,