Thursday, November 16, 2017

Baby Clothing Lineup (0-3 Months) | MOMPOST

Happy Thursday! If you didn't know already, about 11 weeks ago I had a baby boy. He was born on the smaller side, so at 11 weeks he *finally* fits standard newborn clothing. BUT, over the next few months when he begins to fit into his 3 month clothing, we have some very adorable outfits planned! So that is what I am sharing today. 

Side note: I will post links to where you can purchase all of these clothes. Most of them came from Target or Carter's, and not all of them are exact but I will share the closest thing I can find!

This cute set was purchased at TJ Maxx so I cant find it anywhere online, but they do sell a few things from this brand (Chick Pea) at Nordstrom if you like the style! My favorite is the little knot at the top of the hat, it looks so adorable when its on!

I cannot get enough of this outfit by Carter's! I am in love with the tiny tee shirts that have quotes on them, and the little clouds on the knees are just too cute. 10/10 would purchase for every size haha. 

Asher decided to roll into this shot, and he was just too cute to cut out lol. Another adorable tee with a saying on it! Anything that points out how snuggly my little boy is is alright in my book. 

 These little coveralls are so cozy, and IMO they look adorable on all babies. I also find that they make things much easier for us, as Asher is a different size on the top and bottom, so this eliminates the need to wait for one or the other to fit. 

Yay for penguins! Penguins are a big deal in our house. They're my favorite animal and are slowly becoming Asher's too. He has a Wubbanub with a little penguin on it that he loves to hug while he naps. (Also, look at the little feet! *heart eyes*) 

Okay, honestly I have no words about this outfit other than that I cannot wait for him to fit into it so I can take pictures! (I haven't yet determined the practicality of these little bandana bibs yet, but I'll keep you posted!)  

I am so excited for this set! Stars and stripes are two of my favorite patterns, even for myself, so this assortment of bodysuits and pants to mix-n-match is perfect. I also love the attention to detail with the stitching on the pants, so cute! Unfortunately they don't carry this exact set on the Target website anymore, but I'll link an equally adorable set that we have as well!
// bodysuits // pants //

This last set is my absolute favorite. Orange is my favorite color on Asher, and the print on the coveralls is adorable. Here is a link to one that is just as cute! (Carter's rolls out new inventory quick, its already gone from the website! Darn!)

We definitely need some more outerwear pieces as winter is fast approaching, but we have a good foundation going here. I'm excited to see my little bug in all of these cute clothes!

 (daddy came home for lunch while we were taking pictures :)

Which outfit was your favorite?

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Friday, May 5, 2017

LIFE UPDATE | Fresh Start Friday

Hello everyone <3
If I'm being honest, making these "OMG I'm so sorry its been so long but I'm back now" posts are becoming redundant because I've made so many, but this is my last one! *promise*!
How is everyone? I have been keeping up with all of you wonderful people, I'm always reading your tweets and new posts and trying to support everyone even when I'm busy. 

BUT, in my defense, I have had some pretty crazy (amazing) things happen so far in 2017! Crazy thing number one: I got married!!! Yes, you read that right. I still can't even believe it myself sometimes, but I am so so very happy. My wonderful husband's name is Chase, I'm sure you'll hear a lot about him in future posts. We were married on January 27th of this year, and he is a soldier in the United States Army. I'm finally at a point now where I am feeling happy and comfortable in my life, and it is quite lovely.
We had a very small courtroom wedding, and I wouldn't change it for the world. 

Chase and I on our wedding he didnt wear a t-shirt he just got too hot in his nice shirt lol.

Crazy amazing 2017 experience number two: I am pregnant! YAY! Chase and I are both very happy about this, both of us have always imagined having a family and didn't want to wait very long to do so. I'll write another post about our baby and how pregnancy has been going. Its all very exciting, but its been a bit of a bumpy road so far. We always appreciate positive vibes, please please send them our way! I am due in September of this year. 
Crazy amazing 2017 experience number three: Chase and I moved into a new home together!
We live on the Army base here in North Carolina, and I am loving it. Our house isn't fully furnished yet, but I'll make many posts as we go through all of that. You can be sure it will be filled will lots of twinkly lights and tumblr DIY's, because I am still a blogger after all. ;)

 photo cred: tumblr
Because of these new changes in my life, my blog and social media will be going under a bit of a re-branding! I will always post about beauty and lifestyle, but expect a new slew of posts from me as a wife and mommy as well. 
Well, Ill leave it there! Talk to you all later in the week. :)
Weddings, babies, and happiness...
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