Friday, January 1, 2016

The Start of Something New | #HelloJanuary


Woah woah woah! How is everyone? I've missed you! As you all know, today is January 1st, 2016! *happy dance* Its #HelloJanuary! So like every other lifestyle-esque blogger, today's post will be about how I am going to go about heading into the new year and what is on my mind as I attempt to form a list of short and long term goals for 2016.

While I am posting this to inform you all of how great I'll be this year, (LOL) it is meant to be an archive post for myself, so I can look back and remind myself of what is important. So, as uninteresting as it is, here are my goals in list form:   


1. I'd like to learn to stop apologizing so much for just being who I am! Up until this point, I have approached life in an "oh gosh I'm so awkward, I am so sorry for bothering you with my existence" type of way, which is actually quite ridiculous, but I've been like this for as long as I can remember. So, starting today, I shall walk through life as Blair Waldorf would.

2. I want to document the year as much as possible. You may be thinking, "You are a young adult with every social media platform on the planet, and you run a blog....don't you think you document enough of your pathetic tech filled life?!?!?!" NOPE! I feel really great about this year. I just got a rockin new camera for Christmas so my photos and videos will all be top notch, so why not use it as much as possible?

3. Make. More. Friends. In 2016 I really want to focus on meeting new people and making friends, because as much as I love all 476373973489749 of my internet friends, 2015 held some pretty lonely nights. Here's to a friend filled year! *clinks wine glasses*

4. I want to meet more bloggers! I have a few blog conventions and events marked on my calendar for the year, but I'm really hoping to meet some new people locally who love this platform of expression as much as I do. (Expect some collabs!)

5. I am going to stop caring so much, about everything. I know that sounds ridiculous... But seriously, can the anti-anxiety gods please step in for a little while? I'm going to really try to not overthink all of the small things and just focus on living. 

And of course I would also like to drink more water this year, keep up with my manicures, plan more, and all of those little things, who doesn't? But these are the things I am definitely making sure I carry past the end of this week. What about you? Do you have any goals for the new year? :)

January, donuts, and Blair Waldorf..

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