Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why Do You Blog? || 12 Day Blogger Challenge

So, while perusing Bloglovin' and looking for things to inspire me, I stumbled upon this challenge on The Color Palette, so I thought I would give it a go!

Day 1: Why do you blog? (Plus five random facts)

When I talk to others about my blog, it is very obvious that I am passionate about it. I get such a rush from sharing my voice with people. You may think, "What? But you only have 20 followers...." and that is true, but I am sharing my words with 20 people who are taking the time to read them. I love this. I dont care if it is cheesy, it feels good that people are interested in what I have to say. I also blog because I love beauty and fashion, but it is difficult to talk to many people about it without sounding superficial. Its cool to connect with people who understand that beauty and fashion are ways to express ourselves, not just paint that we use to make us look better. Blogging is also an awesome way to organize my thoughts, because I can get a bit scatterbrained at times.... hehehe. 

Five random facts! Since I feel like you already know a lot about me, I'm going to do 5 random fashion/beauty facts!

1. Nail polish and I have a love, hate relationship. I adore wearing it, and I think colors look beautiful in the bottles, but I rarely wear colors other than black or gray. I have super short nails, so I never feel like any colors look good on them. But I am working on my nail confidence! (......nail confidence? Apparently that is a thing...)

2.  I love putting on makeup. I find it super relaxing! If I take 45 minutes to put makeup on, it's most likely really because I needed 40 minutes to de-stress. 

3. I have 6 bracelets that I always wear. They are all from my times at Camp Tatiyee, and they remind me that happiness is a choice! 

4. I dont take alot of risks when it comes to fashion, but I am working on changing that! <3 center="" nbsp="">

5. I don't have a set style. Some days I am girly, other days edgy, other days bohemian. It is always changing!

I encourage you to do this challenge, and comment links to your posts! I wanna read about why you love blogging! 

Beauty facts and nail confidence...

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