Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What Am I Grateful For? | November 2015

Happy November! I haven't posted much this month, and I'll tell you all why in a few days once I can actually sit down and gather my thoughts, but I felt like I needed to express myself so here I am! It is the day before Thanksgiving, and whether you consider it a holiday, this time of year often creates waves of thankfulness and care that spread throughout the nation, and that is something everyone should believe in! Yay! I've definitely been feeling very grateful for life recently, and I'd like to share with you the things that have been making me smile. :) 

1. My family and friends. I have had a troublesome few weeks and honestly I'm not sure what I would've done without them. I am a natural born worrier, and any feelings of tranquility that I have had within the last month have been because of them. A huge shout out to the universe for giving me such amazing humans to surround myself with..I owe you big time.
2. Feeling okay. This is one that hasn't been applicable until last night, which is exactly why I am putting it on this list. For the first time in a while, last night I came home from work, took of my makeup and had a nice chat with my sister, and felt okay. It was quite lovely.
3. Love. This is one that I haven't even ever experienced until now, and ohmylanta its been wonderful. I used to read books and get all fluttery at the idea of being loved by someone, and although theres no in love-ness happening yet, it feels pretty wicked that it could happen. *crowd awwwwww's*

because im cute af
4. BLOGGING. Where would I be without this random web page of makeup and feelings? Probably nowhere. Thanks blogger!
5. Art. I have been sketching and writing music a lot more lately, and I'm just very happy that I have all of these creative outlets for when times get tough.
6. My jobs! I have 2 jobs, as a guest services representative at a Hilton hotel and a beauty advisor at Ulta, and I'm very lucky for both of them! I absolutely love working in customer service, ensuring people have a good holiday and that they feel their best while doing so is an amazing blessing.

7. I feel safe. I have very bad anxiety, and often times I do not feel safe in unfamiliar surroundings. Since it has snowed pretty heavily in Chicago this past week, I have been confined to my home, my jobs, and a few friends' houses...and although it has been a bit discouraging staying home I have felt very safe, which I think is very important when you are going through something. 
and last but most certainly not least....(I think you know where this is going)
8. YOU! 
If you are reading this right now, thank you thank you thank you! It is because of you that I have the opportunity to happily live an expressive life. Yay!
What are you thankful for?

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