Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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How is everyone? Hope you are all swell :) I'm feeling very good today. Yesterday was a bit of a blech day, but watching a few Sprinkle of Glitter pamper videos fixed me right up! Today I am going to talk about what is probably my favorite topic so far: INTERNET FRIENDSHIP! Yeeeeee!!! 
"Brooklynn, why are you so ridiculously excited about internet friends? Aren't those just rando's that you've never met who could be lying about their identity? Are you possibly talking to 90 year old creepers on twitter?????" 

As social media platforms become more and more popular, it becomes easier to make friends via the internet. In my opinion, this is an amazing chance for people around the globe to connect with one another in a way that those who lived hundreds of years before us could've never imagined. But, of course, like anything that seems to good to be true...there are those who use this as an opportunity to lie to others about who they are and that can become very dangerous. So, a quick disclaimer before I delve into the lovely world of internet friendship: be careful who you speak to on the internet, and be careful about who you become whilst twittering and instagramming away. 

I'll explain. While on the internet, it becomes so easy for us to change whatever we would like about ourselves. It becomes an escape of complex passwords and usernames that no one in our everyday lives could ever figure out, so it can be tempting to change little things about ourselves. I cannot stress enough: Let your internet presence be a wholehearted representation of yourself. If you are interested in making friends via the internet, this will be the easiest way to eventually transfer those web friendships to face-to-face ones. Now, this doesn't mean put all of your personal information online, but you can be honest about your personality.

literally me ^^^

Okay, now the fun part! I'm going to tell you a bit about some of my internet friends! If you read my post about Homecoming, you've seen a few pics of some of my internet friends. I have quite a few, but I've only met a handful in person. One of my best friends, Kristina, you'll be hearing a lot about within the next few months, as I recap my summer festivities with you all. I met Kristina on Twitter, and after randomly following each other one day, we got to talking via DM! (Remember this post where I mentioned voting for 5SOS to win an EMA? She was doing the same) We instantly clicked, and have been texting away ever since.  We met for the first time in August, and it was lovely. I miss her lots.

Kristina and I at the bean, we are v v cute. 

I am also currently in a group chat we like to call "5SOS Baes" (yes, we are that cool) and we had the opportunity to meet at a concert a few months ago! We have been friends for almost a year now, and let me tell you: meeting 7 of your most amazing friends all at one time is a very fun, overwhelming feeling! It was a big mesh of crazy hugging and crying and jumping for joy, and I know I have these ladies for life. Here are some photos of that experience! *heart eye emoji*

                            Our cute hands being cute                                    left to right: jess, em, ady, me, lau, meghan, abby, mags 

I'm so sorry for this

Okay, okay, I'm done now haha. But seriously, if you are perusing your favorite blog or see something funny on Twitter, say something! You never know the amazing people you'll meet, it really can change your life. And, if you are a little shy, I'd love to be your friend! Speak up! :)

Alsooooo, my friend Jess (she is to the far left of the first crazy group selfie) is a YouTuber herself! Check out her channel here! 

Crazy friends and a million crazier selfies,

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  1. Hiya! You're blog is just like mine lol, I took a break for a year aswell for near on the same reasons but high five for being back!:) lovely blog anyway xx