Saturday, October 3, 2015


Ohmygosh guys! Its been almost A YEAR since I last blogged!!! That seems very crazy. I have been updating my Tumblr, and using that as an outlet for my blogging needs, but there are a few reasons why I haven't been on here. (Gah! I'm sorry!)
The biggest reason was probably a little teensy mental breakdown I had in November of last year. I basically convinced myself that I was going nowhere in life, and that having ONLY internet friends and sitting around my house doing makeup and Skype chatting wasn't helping, so I purged my internet presence a bit. I stopped blogging, vlogging, threw all my makeup was a horrible nightmare that didn't help with anything. But I'm back for good. I've missed you all way too much to hold off any longer. 
Sooooo now that I am beginning my venture back into the blogging kingdom (blogdom? I like it.) I have decided that I am going to set this goal for myself, 3 posts a week. I am very busy and I have a new-ish job that I'm sure you'll all hear all about, but I think this will be a good outlet for me. YAY!
Well, thats all I have for this little "intro back to blogging/apology/excited" post, so I'll talk to you all soon!

Happiness, internet friends, and fresh starts..
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  1. Glad to see you're blogging again!! :)

  2. Could you share a link to your tumblr account?