Monday, October 12, 2015

September Favorites! || Things I Love

How is everyone? Hope all is well in the blogdom today! I know it is way late, but today I am going to be sharing my *drumroll pleaaase* September Favorites! In case you're wondering, I'm currently with my pal Serena rehearsing for our show choir. Woo! We've just sat in Panera rearranging the song "You Need Me, I Don't Need You" by the lovely Ed Sheeran, and it is going well. Anybody know that song? 
Okay, enough about restaurant musical endeavors, on to the favorites!
1. Rimmel Wonderlash Lift Me Up Mascara: I LOVE this mascara. Honesty time...I tried it because the packaging caught my eye, and I'm not sure I'll ever turn back. The formula itself goes on very smoothly (without clumps, important) and lasts all day without giving me the urge to start picking it off. The brush is huge, in an hour glass shape that allows you to reach all of your lashes. Recommend!!!! 

2. Sephora Baked Moonshadow Palette: I've been using this palette for a while now, and I think it'll always be a favorite. I am a huge matte fan, but this palette offers all of the shimmers I'd ever want, and I often brush them on over the matte ones from my NYX Dream Catcher Palette and it is just gorgeous.

3. So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream: because ICE CREAM. (The cookie dough is my favorite)

4. Mason Jar Travel Cups: I'm putting this on here because my water intake has greatly increased in September specifically because I bring one of these with me every where, and for some reason, if I have water in my hand, I'll drink out of it, and with this I don't always have to buy plastic water bottles. Woo!

5. Blue Sky Journals: I have 3 of these now! I'm a bit of a journal whore, and I collect them and always have at least two with me at all times so I can jot down my thoughts. I love the cute designs that come on these, and all of the ones I have are thin and paperback and so easy to throw in my bag. 

6. L'Oreal Collection Privee The Perfect Nudes (JLo): I am so impressed with this! I have tried L'Oreal lip products in the past, and they usually aren't my go-to, but this nudie-pink is so creamy and its perfect for an everyday lipstick, it doesn't look too bold or too sophisticated. I look forward to buying more from this collection!

7. Jonathan Adler Pens: I was given one of these as a gift, and I just love it. Who doesn't love a nice, classy pen with a bright design? I know I do!

8. Pure Leaf Lemon Tea: I am ADDICTED to this. My dad's girlfriend drinks it like its going it out of style, and I've totally joined that party. I have like 12 in my fridge right now.

9. Cover Girl Professional Loose Powder (Transparent Medium): Okay, so I know some people don't think finishing powder is a necessity, or they use sprays, but it is a huge staple for me. I have a few translucent ones, and I have actually found that I love tinted, loose powders. This one is great! The packaging is a bit bulky, but it goes on nicely and you get a lot for the price.


Pretty journals, pens and THE QUEEN..

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