Saturday, October 24, 2015

Your "Purpose" In Life || Insightful Saturday

How is everyone? It's been a rough few days for me. Between roommate squabbles and work work work, I am SUPER grateful to be able to just sit down for these few minutes and talk to you all. You know when you don't express yourself properly for a while and you start to feel like you'll explode? That's where I am right now, so thank you all so much for sticking with me through my mini rants. I love you guys. 
This post today is about "purpose", whatever that truly means. I feel like modern society is becoming accustomed to this routine that everyone's purpose is to go through school, go to college, get a good, stable job, and save money to pay for your children to do the same thing. While that is a very safe route, I have found that it is becoming increasingly difficult for all of us with artistic souls to find solace in that situation. I personally have bounced around back and forth between jobs, majors and living situations because, to put it lightly, I get bored easily! It is so hard for me to stick to one thing, as I want my life to be a constant whirlwind of new and exciting experiences. Luckily, blogging has fallen into my lap, and I now have a way to document how I feel about all of these experiences, and maybe one day I'll find a way to narrow them all down until I have one career. 
But for now, I am a wanderess, and I think I am okay with that. :)

"Brooklynn, how can blogging be your "purpose"? You're not even contributing to society. You really think that is better than being a CEO???"
Wooow, thank you so much everyone I have ever met ever, that is a great question. Yes, I do think that blogging is a better opportunity for myself than being a CEO. But, get this...
....everyone is different! Blogging is a better option, FOR ME. I'm not sure what percentage of my readers are higher ups in major companies, but if you are, that's lovely! My point is that there is merit in whichever career you choose, because even if it isn't directly benefiting someone you know, you are always inspiring someone. (Of course there are exceptions to this. No, I do not think prostitution or drug dealing are acceptable career choices, I just think everyone can do anything they set their mind to. Please keep those exceptions out of my comments, lol.)

Take this photo, for example, as a visual representation of the differences between someone who chooses a life of logic vs. a life of creativity. Both are beautiful. Both are necessary. Both create amazing things. They are just different.
But, in my opinion, there are three very important things to remember when trying to discover your "purpose", no matter what path you choose:
1. You were given an array of skills and talents that no one else has. No one else can do anything exactly the same as you. So its okay if your purpose isn't to be a doctor or lawyer, because what's really important is that you use your special talents to build a life that you love. (for example, I am good at talking. My family has joked about it for yeaaaars. BUT here I am, doing just that, and loving it.)
2. You don't need validation from others that your dreams and goals are important. Does it make you happy? Does it give you the life you want? Go for it.
 3. It is okay to change your mind. It is okay to live your life one way and then decide that something else will make you feel happy and fulfilled. You can live the life you want, even if it takes time. It is okay to discover yourself through your passions! No matter what anyone says.
You may be wondering what inspired me to write this, and it is simply that I have recently been trying to change my mindset. I feel as if I have been spending my entire life apologizing for who I am because it is an inconvenience to others, and I don't want to be that way anymore. I want to be who I am and if others don't like that, then maybe they don't need to be around me anymore. It is okay to like who you are, even if that isn't the person others want you to be. Your purpose will find you.

What is your passion?
Love, light, and choosing happiness,
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